HostGator vs. Rackspace

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Comparing HostGator vs. Rackspace is not something that is easy to do. They are both premier in the field of web hosting and have tons of quality services to offer their growing customer base. It all depends on what you are looking for in a web host server as to which one of these incredible companies you will choose to work with.

Rackspace works diligently to make a difference in the lives of their customers. They have the most advanced technology powered by Linux, and offer the latest and most up to date tools. They serve up content at lightning fast speeds that will leave your competitors in the dust.

They offer dedicated addresses in a whole host of domains. You can access their services online such as your control panel and open API. You have a choice as to where to put your servers and files so that you as a reseller can serve your customers in the most proficient way. Rackspace works with novices and seasoned webmasters to ensure you the most hits and user traffic to your website. You can take your webpage to new heights of success when you enlist the assistance of Rackspace.

Rackspace started as a small company that has since become a major player in the virtual world of web hosting sites. They are continually advancing their technology so that they can better serve their ever growing customer base.

HostGator is another contender when it comes to top of the line host servers. They also started as a very small company in a dorm room but have since had an amazing amount of growth. They have had their name on the list for one of the brightest and fastest growing small businesses in the country.  They also have a clientele that is growing monthly and they are well respected for their impeccable customer service record. HostGator has an overall 90% satisfaction rate with their customers.

They are powered by Linux as well and offer some of the most technically advanced software imaginable. They boast of 99% percent upkeep with their customers and their websites, and HostGator is devoted to taking care of the hard work for you.  You simply design your base platform and they handle much of the rest for you. You can also save much needed money by utilizing HostGator’s discounts and coupon codes.

HostGator has some of the most premier email and webserver services that you will find anywhere on the internet. Since they had their humble beginnings HostGator has worked diligently to meet all aspects of their customer’s needs. You can design a website with their vast array of scripts and templates for a very reasonable price.

Depending on which particular services you are looking for, either Rackspace or HostGator will work hard to help you achieve success in website marketing and sales. You can buy shopping carts, blogs and forums with a very individualized plan that meets your website’s needs. Go online today and explore these two web hosting sites and decide which company is better equipped to meet your needs. They are both highly respected and capable to guide your website to success.

HostGator Server Hosting Review

There are many people now using the Internet for business purposes due to the economic downfall over the last few years. In fact, the Internet has become the source of many families’ incomes as more people opt for self-employment or use advertisement revenue and affiliate marketing to get a little extra income each month. One of the easiest ways of doing this is by using website hosting. There are a number of different websites out there that will offer deals and HostGator is one of them. If you are considering this company then you should always look at every HostGator server hosting review that you can find.

HostGator make a promise of providing 99.9 percent uptime of your website, while other website hosting sites are not able to provide this. This is due to HostGator running from their own data center in Texas and so can fix any server problems in a matter of minutes. They have a dedicated team to work on all problems as quickly as possible so that you and the traffic to your website hardly notice a problem.

HostGator have earned a number of awards for their services since being in business since 2002 and have had plenty of time to work out any kinks in the business; much more time than some of the other hosting sites that are now popping up on the Internet. They understand the need for fast and reliable servers and understand how people are now turning to the Internet to help them with business and money.

When there is a problem with the servers but the company does not know about it, the customer support team is happy to help and respond quickly with any questions or queries that you may have. They do have a lot of customers and may not know about a server problem right away; inform them when you find out and be patient. Technology is still advancing and servers are continually being updated so give them a chance to fix the problem before you get on their backs about it. Most of the time a support representative will get back to you about server problems in less than an hour – find out there is a problem, find out what the problem is, fix the problem and then check that it has completely solved the problem. Not a bad turn around, especially since systems are getting smaller but more is being added to them.

The main thing that you should be checking for when looking at any HostGator server hosting review is that the server is reliable. Yes, there may be downtime for a couple of minutes and sometimes your website may be offline due to server updates; do be understanding when this happens. The company will try to do this during nighttime hours but remember that with being all over the world, their nighttime hours may be your daylight hours. Remember that the general consensus is that you get what you pay for and this is the case with HostGator. You pay more than you would for another website hosting site but you do get a better and more reliable server and service.

Using a HostGator Discount Coupon

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Starting a website can have dramatic results for your business. By building and successfully marketing a site, you will be placing your company, services and products in the sight of millions, with the ability to direct it at the specific market to which you want to advertise. This sort of exposure can mean huge increases in customers, sales and potential for growth. Even non-business ventures can benefit from the visibility allowed by having a well-designed website. If you have an upcoming event, project or group that you want known, building a website around it can assure the people you want informed with have quick and easy access to it. The first step in creating such a website is selecting the right webhost. HostGator, a company offering website solutions for individuals and businesses, can help you build and maintain your site.

HostGator offers three packages, Hatchling, Baby and Business. All three come with the basic features of unlimited email and storage, free, simple-to-use website building software with thousands of templates to create a professional-looking site, informative tutorials to help you understand how to run your site and what all of the technical elements do, live, dedicated tech support and an AdWords credit to get you started with advertising. The main differences in the plans revolve around features such as number of domains available, having a dedicated IP and a toll-free number and other details that would separate the needs of an individual or very small business and those of a larger business. These plans also come with different prices. Using a popular HostGator discount coupon, though, will allow you to choose whatever plan you wish and experience it at an even lower cost than it is already offered.

First you must choose your plan. Select the features that you find important and reconcile them with a package. The step-by-step checkout process will soon allow you to type in one of their coupon codes. Choose between the code that allows a new user to have one month of the Baby plan for only one cent, and the one that offers 25% off any hosting plan. If you choose the one cent offer, you will pay only a penny to utilize the mid-level Baby plan for an entire month, and then given the option to continue. These codes will immediately reduce the cost of your chosen plan and you can begin building. With either coupon code you will still be eligible for HostGator’s 100% money-back guarantee. Try out having the site, with all of its features, for up to 45 days. If you aren’t satisfied with any element of the site or hosting, or just decide that having a website is not for you, you can receive a totally hassle-free, full refund the same day you request it. But you won’t. The popularity of HostGator speaks for itself and the coupon codes are a valuable way for you to experience it first had at a fraction of the cost. These codes will in no way reduce the quality of HostGator; they just make the company’s services even more accessible and appealing.


HostGator Dedicated Servers

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When it comes to web hosting, there is the dedicated server and the shared server from which you can choose that will best suit your needs. The types of servers are provided so as to meet the various demands of customers. Servers are important because they function to store all the information that will appear on your website when a client logs in. They act as storage devices and they are mainly of the above two mentioned types.

When you talk of dedicated hosting it means that as the host you have complete control over the dedicated server. You are the only person who can access the server, make any upgrades and even customize your own server according to your preferences. The HostGator dedicated servers provide such features and they are one of the best known servers when it comes to web hosting. This is because they offer very good web services at very affordable prices.

With dedicated servers the owner has the right to watch over their server at any time as they wish and also decide on the operational mode of their server. These servers are best used in the case of local business web hosting. The HostGator servers are good because this will enable you to oversee the hosting process locally making your work easier. Another good thing with these servers is that they offer fast speeds, enough memory space and also come with software that is meant to assist you in the managing of your server.

HostGator provides dedicated servers which do not limit your account thus allowing moving and expanding your services at your own rate. These servers also come with automatic billing system and account creation among many other features similar to those of reseller hosting but more advanced. With the dedicated servers from HostGator, you can host social networking and video uploading websites as such require several servers input which the HostGator servers provide.

HostGator has several plans for dedicated servers which are developed to meet the needs of the different clients. Each dedicated server plan comes with certain features and they are affordable. Having a dedicated server can be quite expensive and HostGator has taken upon itself to provide the various packages to make the purchase of dedicated servers affordable.

They offer server plans for Windows and Linux operating systems so as to cater for users of the different operating systems. The following are some of the plans that they offer for dedicated servers; the basic dedicated server, standard dedicated server, elite dedicated server and the pro dedicated server. The price per month for the above mentioned server plans range from between $174 and $374. The choice of what dedicated server plan you want will depend on you and the kind of hosting you want to offer. Most local and medium sized businesses prefer the basic dedicated server.

The company ensures that all their dedicated servers come with a free cPanel and five dedicated IPs. With awards for their dedicated server services, HostGator is a company to consider when choosing to get a dedicated server.

Hostgator Review

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When you are looking around for Hostgator reviews, it is important to read them with a clear and non-judgmental head so that you can really decide whether Hostgator is the website hosting site for you. You should try to find out as much information about them as you can, regarding all products and services that they offer. There is no point in basing all your reviews on one area which turns out brilliant only to sign up and find out that something is extremely bad.

To find all-round reviews, you should look at independent websites. If a company is putting testimonials on their website, they will generally only put the good ones. Once you have found the independent websites, ensure that they offer you all-round reviews. You want to make a well-informed decision and not just find a website full of people who have found something bad with a company; this could actually be the minority.

It is always worth remembering that there will be bad reviews on the Internet; people just like to complain about something. When you are reading the bad reviews, look into what the main problem was. If it was something generally to do with the company, make a note of it and move one. If it is something due to the customer doing something wrong, move onto the next review. If you are not sure what it was specifically about, see if there is an email address so that you can contact the user to find out the details of their problems. Remember that not all companies can please everybody.

Concentrate on the service that Hostgator are saying that they will provide and compare that to the reviews that you read. One promise is 99.9 percent website uptime guaranteed. You should check to see if there are any reviews that support or disprove that. If you are looking for a website that offers 100 percent website uptime guaranteed, walk away. There is no way of guaranteeing that servers will not falter, causing websites to be down; 99.9 percent is the best that you will get. From the reviews around the Internet, you will find that Hostgator are able to promise 99.9 percent simply because they run from their own data center. Also by stating the guarantee, as long as this is in the contract, you have rights if something does go wrong without a very good explanation.

The second main thing to concentrate on is the customer service team. You want people who know what they are doing, are friendly and happy to help you, no matter what time of night they may be working. Customer service and support is needed when it comes to website hosting sites, especially if you are having trouble with designing your site or with the security of it. You want them to be reliable so that you can trust them. You should check all Hostgator reviews for anything about the customer service team and make a note of the good and the bad for a well-rounded and well-informed view of the company.

HostGator VPS: A Smart Tool for Success

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HostGator coupon VPS will provide you with the utmost in connections between major servers and shared hosting. HostGator will even customize your services to meet your own personal needs.

As your site grows HostGator will continually upgrade your tools for the best in web hosting at any point of your growth. They offer software that is at the highest of technological advancements. You will have full root access to some of the most top of the line software as well for your website. HostGator has been in business for years and is continually chosen as one of the best host servers on the internet.

HostGator features more than 5 million hosted domains and will totally transform your web experience to one with lightning fast speeds. When you buy one of their site hosting plans, you will have access to an endless array of web tools as well. You will get a huge choice of website templates, domain and website transfer and even 52 free scripts to choose from. These are options you don’t see on every other web hosting site.

According to recent customer surveys, HostGator has gotten over a 90% percent customer satisfaction rating. Many of HostGator’s customers are web designers and professionals in the web designing field. Whether you are novice at website building procedures or old hat at the techniques, HostGator can offer you supreme services.

HostGator has a reputation for being one of the very best in their field. They are a totally reliable and trustworthy host site that can transform your webpage into one that won’t soon be forgotten. They also offer some of the most cutting edge server hardware in the business. HostGator is one of the top 10 highest acclaimed servers on the net today. Also every web hosting plan that they offer comes with a 45 day money back guarantee. If you are not 100% percent satisfied with HostGator, they will reward you your money back. How can you resist such an offer at premier web hosting?

HostGator offers VPS services and reseller services as well. Whatever your individual webhosting needs, HostGator has something to suit you. The only time you will have to put into your new website is designing your base platform, after that, leave the work to HostGator. They have been at the top of the list for one of the fastest growing small businesses for months, and are dedicated to customer satisfaction like no other host server around today.

If you desire to design a website that will attract the busiest traffic around, consider using HostGator as your source for the tools that you will need to have huge success. You will literally be at the top of your game and zipping around the internet at super-charged speeds. No one can top HostGator. They literally take a bite out of all of their competition. Take a look at their services on their online site and see what all the fuss is about. HostGator can take your VPS needs to heights that you have only ever dreamed of.

Some Useful Tips On How To Make the Best of HostGator Promotions

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Here are some useful tips on how to make the best of HostGator promotions through their coupon codes. Clients can get a coupon code and other good deals like discount prices, free gifts, free shipping and more. A HostGator coupon code could be used to get special offers. The client has to be careful that the coupon applies to its specific purchase. This can be established by reading the coupon’s applicable restrictions.

Some of the HostGator promos don’t require the clients to enter a unique code for the purpose of saving on their purchase order. They can simply make a HostGator purchase within the promotional terms and still receive discount with their order.

Using a coupon code is quite easy in general. Some online stores will have their clients enter the coupon code during checkout and each online store will have a different procedure. When a client enters the HostGator coupon code, it has to make sure that it scrutinizes a price adjustment. The most common reason of not noticing a price adjustment is perhaps exclusion or an expired code. When a client is unable to come to terms with the problem concerning the HostGator coupon code, it may contact the HostGator customer service for assistance.

Before taking advantage of the promotions offered by the Company, it is advisable for the client to know that a HostGator coupon code is a series of numbers or letters or a combination of both that are unique to a HostGator coupon. They are usually displayed next to the offer in red color.

As each merchant operates differently than the other, it may offer coupon codes more often than others and not all HostGator coupons or promotions require a code in order to receive a discount; but, when they do, the client has to ensure that it uses them. It is always safer to use the `Save Coupon’ button as it allows the clients to save that particular coupon under their account and it will also keep them informed before the coupon expires if they have their account settings done up to do so.

HostGator are likely to run a promotion every now and then to get new customers. This is one of the easiest ways to find a coupon or a coupon code. The best way to get new customers is to give some of the best products away at a discounted price; so, HostGator make sure that they give an introductory offer to try to generate good volumes of business. The best way for clients to hook up to their promotion programs is to sign up for their email newsletters or the RSS feed. This way, the clients will be informed every time that HostGator declare some sort of promotion or advertising campaigns. They may even send their clients a coupon.

HostGator promotional coupons can save clients a lot of money. Everyone is striving to discover new ways of saving every cent they can with today’s economic challenges. There are several HostGator coupons available on the web and clients are certain to save money no matter which one they select.

HostGator Joomla Hosting is One of the Best Options for Starting a Website

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When we consider starting a website, we have to keep in mind that we may encounter many website developmental as well as hosting problems. There are many sites that will attract customers by trying to host their sites for free but they will be full of limitations and problems. They will try placing ads on the sites and they will limit the file sizes and the number of files that people can have on a website.  The amount of transfers and the bandwidth may be limited and some servers are extremely slow where people may lose their patience to wait for their sites to load. Sometimes, people may find their sites getting banned in no time as they use up their congested server resources very swiftly.

We may find that Joomla Hosting is one of the best options along with HostGator who offer this package for free almost for the  first month where you can pay just one cent on a particular coupon of HostGator and get unlimited bandwidth and storage space. Joomla is installed with just a click. Excellent customer support will also be provided by HostGator.  Technical support is provided through its staff that is available on telephone, email or live chat throughout the day. When we hunt for several options on the net, we will find out that there are not many web hosting companies who are confident sufficiently to let us try first before we buy and that too with unlimited features.

The web space and the bandwidth that we get to use are unlimited. With HostGator Joomla Hosting, we can avail of Fantastico to get Joomla on board along with many other PHP and MySQL web applications such as WordPress, ZenCart, OsCommerce and many others that can be installed in one click. We can download Joomla templates, install and configure the new site and our unique Joomla site can be ready and running in less than ten minutes. No technical knowledge is required for installing Joomla and the entire procedure is over in less than five minutes.

The best way we can make our website easy for people to find is through the effective use of Search Engine Optimization. We can achieve this by using the correct keywords that people generally search for. People usually check only the first couple of pages of the results to find what they are hunting for and this means that our website needs to be within those pages to be considered.

HostGator is able to provide more than half a million customers with innovative designs and services as a product and technology web hosting innovator. This Company is serving customers ranging from individual freelancers to even Fortune 500 companies in more than two hundred countries. Joomla runs smoothly on HostGator’s control panel servers. So, if we want to start a website and are interested in a good content management system, then we can try Joomla hosting on HostGator to create our website quickly and manage multiple users on it as an ideal open source application program for web publishing.

A Look into HostGator Linux Plans

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One of the most renowned web hosting companies is the HostGator, which mainly focuses on providing web hosting services to the many clients that want to set up websites or even host other websites. The company is said to support 1% of the global internet traffic, which translates to about 1.5 domain names that the company hosts. The company is mainly preferred as it allows you to get an exact plan that suits your needs and also provides room for expansion if your business expands.

Web hosting by HostGator supports both Windows and Linux hosting. With the Linux hosting, one has complete freedom over their web services and they can customize their web services as they want. In other words, Linux is an open source code thus allowing modifications to be made by the administrator. Its popularity has grown over time and it is has become one of the most used systems in web services.

The Linux system is preferred because of its reliability and it is cost effective as it does not need regular monthly and yearly setup charges. The system is also free from malicious ware such as computer worms and bugs making it the preferred system for web hosting.

The HostGator being a web hosting company using the Linux system provides its clients with various types of HostGator Linux plans. These plans are provided in order to meet the various needs of the different customers using the company’s hosting services. The advantage is that these plans are affordable and offer more than you may want.

The pro dedicated server plan is one of the plans offered by Linux and this plan offers more security and better speeds. It is the best of HostGator’s dedicated servers and it comes with a Quad-Core 3210 Xeon processor. The plan also offers unlimited domain name creation and My-SQL databases. Setting up is free of charge and one pays a monthly fee of $279. It provides large memory storage of 4096MB and also includes 10 IP addresses in addition to the cPanel feature that it offers.

There is also the standard dedicated server plan which offers similar features to the pro dedicated server but it has less restrictions. It goes for $219 per month and provides memory storage of about 1024MB. It also comes with email features that allow you to be in touch with users. Other features that come preinstalled with this plan include video and music streaming and FrontPage.

There is also the elite dedicated server which will cost you $279 monthly and comes with no setup fees. It offers 2500GB for bandwidth and a 24hr technical support. The plan also allows for unlimited domains, My-SQL databases and FTP accounts. It also has increased flexibility and speed.

The swamp plan is another of the Linux plans and it costs $12.95 monthly. This plan comes with a free site builder and 1000GB disk space. It also offers unlimited domain and sub-domain names and 24 hour technical support.

These Linux packages are offered for the reseller, shared and dedicated servers. It is good to know what plan suits your needs.

Hostgator vs. DreamHost

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In this day in age, electronic technology plays a key role in the communication aspect of modern living. Every day, millions of people worldwide rely on electronic equipment to complete tasks such as long-distance communication or the rapid transferring of digital data. In addition to the abounding benefits brought to personal consumers by present-day technology, the business world has also received several perks through the use of modern electronics. Advertising, networking, marketing, and distant intercommunication have all been made very simple thanks to the luxury of today’s electronic capabilities.

A large contributor to the recent success of today’s businesses is their ability to address a public audience in a stress-free manner. A majority of the businesses with high success ratings gain their popularity by operating their own website with some basic information to give their visitors a simple understanding of how their business works and what it does. While some businesses have impressive websites that are both appealing to viewers as well as satisfactory to their needs, they are not always run in a suitable fashion.

Fortunately, there are many accessible solutions to improve the poor or unattractive presentation of a website. Two of the best webs hosting services available are Hostgator and DreamHost. Hostgator is a web hosting service with “over 600 employees to provide superior around the clock support” ( DreamHost is a virtual private server that allows its users to “host as many domains as [they] want!” ( Though many of the features offered with both services are more or less the same, there are several additional attributes included with one or the other that some users may prefer to incorporate to their website.

There is not always a Hostgator vs. DreamHost competition between the two services. Some of the features that are available to members when using either Hostgator or DreamHost are unlimited disk storage space, unlimited email accounts, hosting for personal blogs, Wiki web pages, and e-commerce (online stores), and email spam filtering with Spam Assassin. Both services include free, 24-hour tech support to assist with any issues that their users may be experiencing. Both also offer hosting plans websites on the personal, commercial, and business levels, and they give users the opportunity to customize a hosting plan if they so desire. Aside from the similarities between the two services, there are many special features exclusive to only one of them that allow users to personalize their hosting experience to a great extent.

Hostgator, for example, gives its users access to cPanel, a program which “turns standalone servers into a fully automated point-and-click hosting platform.” ( This feature is essential to the development of a quality website, and is very beneficial to users who intend to produce a high performance site. Some other key features applicable only to the Hostgator service are $100 worth of free Google Adwords credit, a 100% uptime guarantee, and a monthly service fee of $10.96 for its Business Service plan, 20% off of the normal price. All of these features are only added benefits to those offered regularly by Hostgator.

In contrast to Hostgator, the DreamHost web hosting service charges its users a monthly usage fee of $8.95, however, it gives anybody the opportunity to use its services on a free trial basis for a 2-week period prior to signing up for a full hosting plan. This offer not only saves potential users some money for 2 weeks, but it also allows them to get a feel for the DreamHost service and how it works before joining with a paid membership. To view more of the many features provided by DreamHost, visit

After reviewing the features included with both services, it can easily be said that there is not one service more efficient than the other in the Hostgator vs. DreamHost competition. It ultimately comes down to the purpose for needing a powerful hosting service and what its uses are to be. It is entirely up to the user to decide which service would better fulfill the needs of their website and what features they would like to include with it. The bottom line is that two of the most affordable web hosting services out there with a good deal of hosting options are Hostgator and DreamHost.

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