Brief Look into HostGator Windows Plans

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When it comes to web hosting, several companies offer these services. Ensuring that you choose the best web hosting company is important because the type of hosting services you choose will greatly affect your website mainly in terms of speed of access. A good web hosting provider mainly provides hosting services for both Windows and Linux system.

The Windows system is mainly preferred by hosting companies because most computers operate on the Windows system. The HostGator also provides servers that support the windows system. They have servers that are fully dedicated to the Windows operating system. This system is powered by DELL servers which run on the Windows server 2008 R2 operating system.

The Windows servers can handle a lot of internet traffic and they provide a guarantee that no matter the traffic on the internet your website will operate normally without any downtime. Such a guarantee to clients allows them to choose the HostGator Windows servers for their business use. The Windows servers provided by HostGator are one of the most powerful servers known. They provide high uploading speeds and unlimited resources in terms of domain and sub-domain name. They also offer good storage space and memory space which can be used by the clients to expand their businesses.

With the Windows system, the HostGator offers four main HostGator windows plans meant for its various clients. These different plans are offered so as to cater for the various needs of the clients. As a client, it is important that you know the best Windows plan to go for because you do not want to be paying extra for services that you may not necessarily require.

There is the Windows Pro dedicated server which is mainly used by those that have big corporations or businesses. It allows you the administrator unrestricted access to your information and you can customize your own server. These servers are managed all throughout time and they boost of very high speeds and security. It offers 2500GB bandwidth and offer up to 10 IP addresses.

There is also the Windows standard dedicated server plan that is similar to the pro server but it is more restricted and lacks some features. The plan offers great speeds and uptime to your website and thus an important choice for Windows web hosting. The server comes with the Plesk 8 control panel for web hosting. Managing of the technical bits of the server is the company’s work. Memory storage is between 1000GB and 2500GB and this is sufficient for web hosting services. It also provides room for expansion.

There is also the elite dedicated server which is the most expensive of the Windows plans. It has several features not in the other plans such as 24 hour tech- support and offers unlimited email and domain names. It has increased uptime and improved security. The other plan is the Windows basic dedicated server which is mainly for entry level. Set up is free.

The windows plans offer .NET technologies that include and MS SQL database.


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