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Comparing HostGator vs. Rackspace is not something that is easy to do. They are both premier in the field of web hosting and have tons of quality services to offer their growing customer base. It all depends on what you are looking for in a web host server as to which one of these incredible companies you will choose to work with.

Rackspace works diligently to make a difference in the lives of their customers. They have the most advanced technology powered by Linux, and offer the latest and most up to date tools. They serve up content at lightning fast speeds that will leave your competitors in the dust.

They offer dedicated addresses in a whole host of domains. You can access their services online such as your control panel and open API. You have a choice as to where to put your servers and files so that you as a reseller can serve your customers in the most proficient way. Rackspace works with novices and seasoned webmasters to ensure you the most hits and user traffic to your website. You can take your webpage to new heights of success when you enlist the assistance of Rackspace.

Rackspace started as a small company that has since become a major player in the virtual world of web hosting sites. They are continually advancing their technology so that they can better serve their ever growing customer base.

HostGator is another contender when it comes to top of the line host servers. They also started as a very small company in a dorm room but have since had an amazing amount of growth. They have had their name on the list for one of the brightest and fastest growing small businesses in the country.  They also have a clientele that is growing monthly and they are well respected for their impeccable customer service record. HostGator has an overall 90% satisfaction rate with their customers.

They are powered by Linux as well and offer some of the most technically advanced software imaginable. They boast of 99% percent upkeep with their customers and their websites, and HostGator is devoted to taking care of the hard work for you.  You simply design your base platform and they handle much of the rest for you. You can also save much needed money by utilizing HostGator’s discounts and coupon codes.

HostGator has some of the most premier email and webserver services that you will find anywhere on the internet. Since they had their humble beginnings HostGator has worked diligently to meet all aspects of their customer’s needs. You can design a website with their vast array of scripts and templates for a very reasonable price.

Depending on which particular services you are looking for, either Rackspace or HostGator will work hard to help you achieve success in website marketing and sales. You can buy shopping carts, blogs and forums with a very individualized plan that meets your website’s needs. Go online today and explore these two web hosting sites and decide which company is better equipped to meet your needs. They are both highly respected and capable to guide your website to success.


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