HostGator vs. DreamHost – Part 2

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Comparing two web hosting sites like HostGator vs. DreamHost can be quite a challenging endeavor, so we’ve done it for a second time. DreamHost built their own company from the ground up and that is what sets them apart from their competition. HostGator is also a quickly growing company that began in a small dorm room. Both of these amazing host servers have wonderful and innovative ideas and tools to offer their customers.

The early years of DreamHost forced them to be very creative and cutting edge. They have built a lot of their own technology and truly are groundbreakers in the area of web hosting. They use technology that is designed around stable systems and is very technologically advanced. They combine all of these aspects to create an incredible web experience for their users.

Just in the last decade alone DreamHost has grown to over 1500 servers. They have also grown into a company with a full time staff of about 100 employees. They are totally committed to offering their customers quality services and are now hosting over one million domains. It is a never ending venture for DreamHost to continually grow and expand, but they are confident that they can continue to provide the utmost in services for their devoted customers.

HostGator is another terrific web hosting company that has grown by leaps and bounds as well over the past few years. Their dream started in a dorm room and they now employ over 75 employees who are devoted to providing customers with top of the line tools and services. HostGator has customers in over 200 countries, and remain one of the most respected web businesses of their kind. HostGator has an over 90% customer approval rating and it is easy to see why if you go online and check out their website.

They are a reliable company who are one of the best at transforming your web experience into a memorable one. They offer VPS, reseller and email services that will leave your competitors in the dust. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned professional or a complete novice, HostGator and DreamHost can help you transform your website into a work of art. Their services will increase your visitor traffic and your appeal online. If you desire to take your website and/or business to new levels of success, then either of these companies can provide you with the highest quality services available online today. Both are very dependable and have huge customer satisfaction under their belts. Go online today and take some time exploring and comparing both of these amazing companies. Either way you go, you will be getting the latest and most advanced tools imaginable. They are committed host servers that desire to assist you in being successful with your website.

Check these companies out online today and you will see why these 2 web servers are some of the very best in the business. It all truly depends on what you are looking for out of a server. Take some time investigating, and then make an informed choice on which one is best for you and your website’s success.


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