Why You Should Choose the Hostgator Virtual Private Servers

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In a world where everything is going “online,” developers have come up with an ingenious idea to create virtual servers for the online community, which has proven to be very effective in providing people with server services at affordable prices. Virtual Private Server also referred to as VPS is all about hosting on a server that is shared by many. There is software which is used in VPS to allow for splitting the server into various sections of smaller sizes. The splitting into sections ensures that if one server goes down, the others will still function, thus your work cannot be interfered with. It ensures permanence.

Hosting has become very important as many websites are evolving daily. Hostgator is one of the VPS providers and it is recommended for to anyone thinking of shared hosting. The hostgator virtual private servers has the advantage in that compared to other hosting organizations it provides its users and clients with three administration control panels to select from. These include the Virtuozzo, Ksplice and cPanel.

If you are a hosting company, the most important thing to keep in mind is that your clients have different demands and needs and it is important to cater for those needs. The hostgator company is known to have considered this when it comes to providing its VPS services. The company offers its clients with 9 levels which are categorized in accordance with the resources availed. The least amount of resources is provided in level 1 with level 9 having the most resources.

Other than RAM, bandwidth, CPU and disk space, affordability is also a major factor when looking to purchase VPS. The hostgator VPS plan is the best to choose from because they offer various levels of resources and is very affordable. The least plan goes for $19.95 and the most expensive is approximately $39.95. Such prices are not very common in webhosting but they are very competitive.

The level 1 hostgator VPS offers the following resources such as package installation using package manager, resolves issues related to hardware failure, network problems and slow loading issues, basic setup of the firewall and task automation. The level 9 offers DNS and e-mail configurations, software upgrades, setup for Google applications, and configurations to create backup among other resources. All these can be obtained for prices ranging between $19.95 and $39.95.

Shared hosting at times can cause the loading speeds to go down thus making access to your website difficult or slow. With the hostgator VPS you should not be worried about the loading speeds because their servers supporting the VPS services are hosted in very high speed data stations. The speeds offered reach 20Mbps, which is quite reliable and fast for VPS.

Furthermore, they provide VPS for various operating systems such as Windows and Linux. This is necessary in catering for their clients as different clients use different operating systems for their works. So it is also important when choosing a VPS plan that you consider the type of operating system.

In conclusion, the hostgator VPS is affordable, and it caters to different needs of the clients.


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