HostGator Shared Server: What About It?

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With the increased number of websites in which we have a new website created daily, it is important that we get the best web hosting services that will cater for the needs of the clients. Hosting is very important in ensuring a successful website, as good hosting ensures that access to your website is speedy. Web hosting services are offered by various web hosting companies online and they work to ensure that websites for businesses can be accessed and even updated. When it comes to offering web hosting services, HostGator is one of the most known online companies offering hosting services, and it is recommended by many.

HostGator has several packages for web hosting which include the dedicated, VPS and shared servers. The HostGator shared server is one of the most used by clients as it is very suitable for use in personal websites and also companies that are beginning. This is because not a lot of information needs to be stored for a personal or start up business website. Also, the affordability of the shared server is better than for the other servers. For instance, HostGator offers a shared server package that goes for $4.95 monthly if you make upfront payments for three years or pay $8 monthly without any upfront.

Other than coming with the cPanel feature, the shared HostGator server comes with three hosting plans and they include Hatchling, Baby and Business. With the above offers, one can choose that which they find appropriate for their needs. The resources offered for the shared server are mostly unlimited. The Hatchling has one domain only whereas the other two have unlimited domain. With the Business plan, one is able to get private support telephone number, their IP address and a SSL certificate all for free.

Even though it is a shared server, HostGator ensures that all its clients have enough storage space for their information. They offer different storage sizes and you can choose from the variety which space is appropriate for you. Normally you would expect that with shared servers, the speed of loading a particular website will be slow. This is not the case with HostGator. Their shared servers have very high speeds which can reach up to 20Mbps thus providing one of the best hosting services in the market.

At some point you may want to change your hosting company to HostGator. Changing includes the transferring of your websites and databases to the HostGator servers. The whole process of doing this is free and all you need to do is provide HostGator with both your admin and MySQL login details from which they will do the transfer.

The shared server from HostGator also provides the following services that include limitless bandwidth, live support, unlimited disk and MySQL space, unrestricted email addresses and cPanel functionality. All these services and features among others can be obtained at a monthly cost of $5 which is quite affordable to many.

What makes the HostGator shared servers to be that popular when it comes to hosting is the fact that HostGatorā€™s services are efficient and affordable compared to other hosting companies.


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