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HostGator is a premiere web hosting site offering plans and features that meet the needs of everybody from the most casual of beginners wanting to create a site just for personal use, to the most experienced of professionals needing to increase exposure of their companies. Using HostGator as the “home” of your website ensures that your site will be impressively designed and built, secure and with superior functioning. With an extensive, attentive and skilled tech support team that is available any minute of any day that you may need help, and a wide variety of options to personalize your experience, HostGator, as they put it, “eats up the competition” on virtually all levels. Already amazing pricing has already been reduced to make their services even more affordable and accessible but with constant HostGator coupon renewal, there are always additional discounts available for new users to give web hosting services a try.

Pricing for HostGator’s web hosting services varies with the particular plans and specifications, including the plans created for programs such as Linux. You can choose the billing option that is most appropriate for your needs ranging from the very flexible monthly option that is perfect for beginners, or organizations that need to create a site for an event that only needs to be available temporarily and extended three-year plans for those business-owners knowing their site needs to be permanently accessible. The basic web hosting services are divided into three core plans. The Hatchling plan, the smallest of the basic plans, is perfect for simple sites, family sites and very small businesses. The pricing begins at less than $4 per month using the three-year option, but is also available on a per-month basis for just over $7. The mid-level plan, the Baby plan, is a good option for moderately-sized organizations and businesses. The three-year billing option is offered for slightly more than $6 per month or just under $8 on a per-month basis. The largest plan, which is directed toward large businesses and organizations, is the Business plan. This plan offers the most comprehensive features that will benefit businesses attempting to increase exposure and commerce. Pricing for the three-year option is slightly more than $10 while the month-by-month option carries a price tag of just under $12.

These prices are already highly competitive but to give new customers even more incentive to join the HostGator community, discounts are offered constantly. You can choose one of two regular deals, or, if you are very lucky, you may stumble upon one of the special discounts occasionally offered through affiliates and coupon programs. The first discount option always available allows new users to take advantage of the Baby plan for one month at a cost of only one cent. This represents a staggering savings, and will allow you to experiment with the building tools and other features and see what benefit having a website holds, for just a penny. If the Baby plan isn’t for you, or you want to take advantage of a discount for more than a month, the other option is for you. This option gives new users a 20% discount on any web hosting plan. This can equate to huge savings.


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