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One of the most renowned web hosting companies is the HostGator, which mainly focuses on providing web hosting services to the many clients that want to set up websites or even host other websites. The company is said to support 1% of the global internet traffic, which translates to about 1.5 domain names that the company hosts. The company is mainly preferred as it allows you to get an exact plan that suits your needs and also provides room for expansion if your business expands.

Web hosting by HostGator supports both Windows and Linux hosting. With the Linux hosting, one has complete freedom over their web services and they can customize their web services as they want. In other words, Linux is an open source code thus allowing modifications to be made by the administrator. Its popularity has grown over time and it is has become one of the most used systems in web services.

The Linux system is preferred because of its reliability and it is cost effective as it does not need regular monthly and yearly setup charges. The system is also free from malicious ware such as computer worms and bugs making it the preferred system for web hosting.

The HostGator being a web hosting company using the Linux system provides its clients with various types of HostGator Linux plans. These plans are provided in order to meet the various needs of the different customers using the company’s hosting services. The advantage is that these plans are affordable and offer more than you may want.

The pro dedicated server plan is one of the plans offered by Linux and this plan offers more security and better speeds. It is the best of HostGator’s dedicated servers and it comes with a Quad-Core 3210 Xeon processor. The plan also offers unlimited domain name creation and My-SQL databases. Setting up is free of charge and one pays a monthly fee of $279. It provides large memory storage of 4096MB and also includes 10 IP addresses in addition to the cPanel feature that it offers.

There is also the standard dedicated server plan which offers similar features to the pro dedicated server but it has less restrictions. It goes for $219 per month and provides memory storage of about 1024MB. It also comes with email features that allow you to be in touch with users. Other features that come preinstalled with this plan include video and music streaming and FrontPage.

There is also the elite dedicated server which will cost you $279 monthly and comes with no setup fees. It offers 2500GB for bandwidth and a 24hr technical support. The plan also allows for unlimited domains, My-SQL databases and FTP accounts. It also has increased flexibility and speed.

The swamp plan is another of the Linux plans and it costs $12.95 monthly. This plan comes with a free site builder and 1000GB disk space. It also offers unlimited domain and sub-domain names and 24 hour technical support.

These Linux packages are offered for the reseller, shared and dedicated servers. It is good to know what plan suits your needs.


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