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When it comes to finding information on HostGator, it can be difficult to find a HostGator hosting review that you can trust. If you opt for basing all your decisions on the particular company’s website, it is common to only find good reviews. This is sometimes a trick to lead you into signing up for something so that the company has your money. The best thing that you can do is search independent websites to find different reviews and something that covers all parts of the service.

There are three hosting plans for HostGator, so you should ensure that you find reviewers from each of the plans – that way you are able to make well-informed decisions depending on the amount of money you are willing to hand over. There is no point in looking for reviews about the business plan, if you are only going to opt for the hatchling plan – you should be looking at reviews for that plan.

If you are not sure which hosting plan you want to go with, then search independent websites for reviews on all of the plans; there are plenty of people who are using HostGator who will have something to say. Find out everything that you can – the good, the bad and the ugly – and write all the pros and cons down that you have noticed. Some of the things that you could be checking out is how reliable the service is as you go for the better plans, how good the customer service is and how often they pressure people into upgrading their plan.

Whichever plan you are looking at, always check the next one up too. Even on a tight budget, there are chances that you can stretch your budget up to the next plan – it is usually only an extra dollar or two per month. You will usually get extra benefits for the next plan up but you should always find out what people say about it; do they recommend the next plan up more?

If you can, try to contact the people who are leaving the reviews – especially if they are bad reviews. You want to be well-informed before you agree to hand your credit card details over and the only way you can do that is by knowing what other people have thought of the service. Some people will be explicitly clear as to why they would never use the service again, but ensure that those reasons are not a fault of their own. Had they not read the fine print? Had they neglected to cancel their service and were charged again the next year? Companies are in their legal right to do something that is in the fine print of the terms and conditions, so make sure that you read them carefully.

When it comes to searching for a HostGator hosting review, ensure that you check everything possible and always find reviews on the plan that you are considering, rather than one of the others. Yes, the fundamentals will be the same but you may be missing or including the extras of the higher plans if you read the wrong reviews.


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