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Starting a website can have dramatic results for your business. By building and successfully marketing a site, you will be placing your company, services and products in the sight of millions, with the ability to direct it at the specific market to which you want to advertise. This sort of exposure can mean huge increases in customers, sales and potential for growth. Even non-business ventures can benefit from the visibility allowed by having a well-designed website. If you have an upcoming event, project or group that you want known, building a website around it can assure the people you want informed with have quick and easy access to it. The first step in creating such a website is selecting the right webhost. HostGator, a company offering website solutions for individuals and businesses, can help you build and maintain your site.

HostGator offers three packages, Hatchling, Baby and Business. All three come with the basic features of unlimited email and storage, free, simple-to-use website building software with thousands of templates to create a professional-looking site, informative tutorials to help you understand how to run your site and what all of the technical elements do, live, dedicated tech support and an AdWords credit to get you started with advertising. The main differences in the plans revolve around features such as number of domains available, having a dedicated IP and a toll-free number and other details that would separate the needs of an individual or very small business and those of a larger business. These plans also come with different prices. Using a popular HostGator discount coupon, though, will allow you to choose whatever plan you wish and experience it at an even lower cost than it is already offered.

First you must choose your plan. Select the features that you find important and reconcile them with a package. The step-by-step checkout process will soon allow you to type in one of their coupon codes. Choose between the code that allows a new user to have one month of the Baby plan for only one cent, and the one that offers 25% off any hosting plan. If you choose the one cent offer, you will pay only a penny to utilize the mid-level Baby plan for an entire month, and then given the option to continue. These codes will immediately reduce the cost of your chosen plan and you can begin building. With either coupon code you will still be eligible for HostGator’s 100% money-back guarantee. Try out having the site, with all of its features, for up to 45 days. If you aren’t satisfied with any element of the site or hosting, or just decide that having a website is not for you, you can receive a totally hassle-free, full refund the same day you request it. But you won’t. The popularity of HostGator speaks for itself and the coupon codes are a valuable way for you to experience it first had at a fraction of the cost. These codes will in no way reduce the quality of HostGator; they just make the company’s services even more accessible and appealing.



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