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When it comes to web hosting, there is the dedicated server and the shared server from which you can choose that will best suit your needs. The types of servers are provided so as to meet the various demands of customers. Servers are important because they function to store all the information that will appear on your website when a client logs in. They act as storage devices and they are mainly of the above two mentioned types.

When you talk of dedicated hosting it means that as the host you have complete control over the dedicated server. You are the only person who can access the server, make any upgrades and even customize your own server according to your preferences. The HostGator dedicated servers provide such features and they are one of the best known servers when it comes to web hosting. This is because they offer very good web services at very affordable prices.

With dedicated servers the owner has the right to watch over their server at any time as they wish and also decide on the operational mode of their server. These servers are best used in the case of local business web hosting. The HostGator servers are good because this will enable you to oversee the hosting process locally making your work easier. Another good thing with these servers is that they offer fast speeds, enough memory space and also come with software that is meant to assist you in the managing of your server.

HostGator provides dedicated servers which do not limit your account thus allowing moving and expanding your services at your own rate. These servers also come with automatic billing system and account creation among many other features similar to those of reseller hosting but more advanced. With the dedicated servers from HostGator, you can host social networking and video uploading websites as such require several servers input which the HostGator servers provide.

HostGator has several plans for dedicated servers which are developed to meet the needs of the different clients. Each dedicated server plan comes with certain features and they are affordable. Having a dedicated server can be quite expensive and HostGator has taken upon itself to provide the various packages to make the purchase of dedicated servers affordable.

They offer server plans for Windows and Linux operating systems so as to cater for users of the different operating systems. The following are some of the plans that they offer for dedicated servers; the basic dedicated server, standard dedicated server, elite dedicated server and the pro dedicated server. The price per month for the above mentioned server plans range from between $174 and $374. The choice of what dedicated server plan you want will depend on you and the kind of hosting you want to offer. Most local and medium sized businesses prefer the basic dedicated server.

The company ensures that all their dedicated servers come with a free cPanel and five dedicated IPs. With awards for their dedicated server services, HostGator is a company to consider when choosing to get a dedicated server.


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