HostGator Joomla Hosting is One of the Best Options for Starting a Website

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When we consider starting a website, we have to keep in mind that we may encounter many website developmental as well as hosting problems. There are many sites that will attract customers by trying to host their sites for free but they will be full of limitations and problems. They will try placing ads on the sites and they will limit the file sizes and the number of files that people can have on a website.  The amount of transfers and the bandwidth may be limited and some servers are extremely slow where people may lose their patience to wait for their sites to load. Sometimes, people may find their sites getting banned in no time as they use up their congested server resources very swiftly.

We may find that Joomla Hosting is one of the best options along with HostGator who offer this package for free almost for the  first month where you can pay just one cent on a particular coupon of HostGator and get unlimited bandwidth and storage space. Joomla is installed with just a click. Excellent customer support will also be provided by HostGator.  Technical support is provided through its staff that is available on telephone, email or live chat throughout the day. When we hunt for several options on the net, we will find out that there are not many web hosting companies who are confident sufficiently to let us try first before we buy and that too with unlimited features.

The web space and the bandwidth that we get to use are unlimited. With HostGator Joomla Hosting, we can avail of Fantastico to get Joomla on board along with many other PHP and MySQL web applications such as WordPress, ZenCart, OsCommerce and many others that can be installed in one click. We can download Joomla templates, install and configure the new site and our unique Joomla site can be ready and running in less than ten minutes. No technical knowledge is required for installing Joomla and the entire procedure is over in less than five minutes.

The best way we can make our website easy for people to find is through the effective use of Search Engine Optimization. We can achieve this by using the correct keywords that people generally search for. People usually check only the first couple of pages of the results to find what they are hunting for and this means that our website needs to be within those pages to be considered.

HostGator is able to provide more than half a million customers with innovative designs and services as a product and technology web hosting innovator. This Company is serving customers ranging from individual freelancers to even Fortune 500 companies in more than two hundred countries. Joomla runs smoothly on HostGator’s control panel servers. So, if we want to start a website and are interested in a good content management system, then we can try Joomla hosting on HostGator to create our website quickly and manage multiple users on it as an ideal open source application program for web publishing.

A Look into HostGator Linux Plans

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One of the most renowned web hosting companies is the HostGator, which mainly focuses on providing web hosting services to the many clients that want to set up websites or even host other websites. The company is said to support 1% of the global internet traffic, which translates to about 1.5 domain names that the company hosts. The company is mainly preferred as it allows you to get an exact plan that suits your needs and also provides room for expansion if your business expands.

Web hosting by HostGator supports both Windows and Linux hosting. With the Linux hosting, one has complete freedom over their web services and they can customize their web services as they want. In other words, Linux is an open source code thus allowing modifications to be made by the administrator. Its popularity has grown over time and it is has become one of the most used systems in web services.

The Linux system is preferred because of its reliability and it is cost effective as it does not need regular monthly and yearly setup charges. The system is also free from malicious ware such as computer worms and bugs making it the preferred system for web hosting.

The HostGator being a web hosting company using the Linux system provides its clients with various types of HostGator Linux plans. These plans are provided in order to meet the various needs of the different customers using the company’s hosting services. The advantage is that these plans are affordable and offer more than you may want.

The pro dedicated server plan is one of the plans offered by Linux and this plan offers more security and better speeds. It is the best of HostGator’s dedicated servers and it comes with a Quad-Core 3210 Xeon processor. The plan also offers unlimited domain name creation and My-SQL databases. Setting up is free of charge and one pays a monthly fee of $279. It provides large memory storage of 4096MB and also includes 10 IP addresses in addition to the cPanel feature that it offers.

There is also the standard dedicated server plan which offers similar features to the pro dedicated server but it has less restrictions. It goes for $219 per month and provides memory storage of about 1024MB. It also comes with email features that allow you to be in touch with users. Other features that come preinstalled with this plan include video and music streaming and FrontPage.

There is also the elite dedicated server which will cost you $279 monthly and comes with no setup fees. It offers 2500GB for bandwidth and a 24hr technical support. The plan also allows for unlimited domains, My-SQL databases and FTP accounts. It also has increased flexibility and speed.

The swamp plan is another of the Linux plans and it costs $12.95 monthly. This plan comes with a free site builder and 1000GB disk space. It also offers unlimited domain and sub-domain names and 24 hour technical support.

These Linux packages are offered for the reseller, shared and dedicated servers. It is good to know what plan suits your needs.

Hostgator vs. DreamHost

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In this day in age, electronic technology plays a key role in the communication aspect of modern living. Every day, millions of people worldwide rely on electronic equipment to complete tasks such as long-distance communication or the rapid transferring of digital data. In addition to the abounding benefits brought to personal consumers by present-day technology, the business world has also received several perks through the use of modern electronics. Advertising, networking, marketing, and distant intercommunication have all been made very simple thanks to the luxury of today’s electronic capabilities.

A large contributor to the recent success of today’s businesses is their ability to address a public audience in a stress-free manner. A majority of the businesses with high success ratings gain their popularity by operating their own website with some basic information to give their visitors a simple understanding of how their business works and what it does. While some businesses have impressive websites that are both appealing to viewers as well as satisfactory to their needs, they are not always run in a suitable fashion.

Fortunately, there are many accessible solutions to improve the poor or unattractive presentation of a website. Two of the best webs hosting services available are Hostgator and DreamHost. Hostgator is a web hosting service with “over 600 employees to provide superior around the clock support” ( DreamHost is a virtual private server that allows its users to “host as many domains as [they] want!” ( Though many of the features offered with both services are more or less the same, there are several additional attributes included with one or the other that some users may prefer to incorporate to their website.

There is not always a Hostgator vs. DreamHost competition between the two services. Some of the features that are available to members when using either Hostgator or DreamHost are unlimited disk storage space, unlimited email accounts, hosting for personal blogs, Wiki web pages, and e-commerce (online stores), and email spam filtering with Spam Assassin. Both services include free, 24-hour tech support to assist with any issues that their users may be experiencing. Both also offer hosting plans websites on the personal, commercial, and business levels, and they give users the opportunity to customize a hosting plan if they so desire. Aside from the similarities between the two services, there are many special features exclusive to only one of them that allow users to personalize their hosting experience to a great extent.

Hostgator, for example, gives its users access to cPanel, a program which “turns standalone servers into a fully automated point-and-click hosting platform.” ( This feature is essential to the development of a quality website, and is very beneficial to users who intend to produce a high performance site. Some other key features applicable only to the Hostgator service are $100 worth of free Google Adwords credit, a 100% uptime guarantee, and a monthly service fee of $10.96 for its Business Service plan, 20% off of the normal price. All of these features are only added benefits to those offered regularly by Hostgator.

In contrast to Hostgator, the DreamHost web hosting service charges its users a monthly usage fee of $8.95, however, it gives anybody the opportunity to use its services on a free trial basis for a 2-week period prior to signing up for a full hosting plan. This offer not only saves potential users some money for 2 weeks, but it also allows them to get a feel for the DreamHost service and how it works before joining with a paid membership. To view more of the many features provided by DreamHost, visit

After reviewing the features included with both services, it can easily be said that there is not one service more efficient than the other in the Hostgator vs. DreamHost competition. It ultimately comes down to the purpose for needing a powerful hosting service and what its uses are to be. It is entirely up to the user to decide which service would better fulfill the needs of their website and what features they would like to include with it. The bottom line is that two of the most affordable web hosting services out there with a good deal of hosting options are Hostgator and DreamHost.

HostGator vs. DreamHost – Part 2

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Comparing two web hosting sites like HostGator vs. DreamHost can be quite a challenging endeavor, so we’ve done it for a second time. DreamHost built their own company from the ground up and that is what sets them apart from their competition. HostGator is also a quickly growing company that began in a small dorm room. Both of these amazing host servers have wonderful and innovative ideas and tools to offer their customers.

The early years of DreamHost forced them to be very creative and cutting edge. They have built a lot of their own technology and truly are groundbreakers in the area of web hosting. They use technology that is designed around stable systems and is very technologically advanced. They combine all of these aspects to create an incredible web experience for their users.

Just in the last decade alone DreamHost has grown to over 1500 servers. They have also grown into a company with a full time staff of about 100 employees. They are totally committed to offering their customers quality services and are now hosting over one million domains. It is a never ending venture for DreamHost to continually grow and expand, but they are confident that they can continue to provide the utmost in services for their devoted customers.

HostGator is another terrific web hosting company that has grown by leaps and bounds as well over the past few years. Their dream started in a dorm room and they now employ over 75 employees who are devoted to providing customers with top of the line tools and services. HostGator has customers in over 200 countries, and remain one of the most respected web businesses of their kind. HostGator has an over 90% customer approval rating and it is easy to see why if you go online and check out their website.

They are a reliable company who are one of the best at transforming your web experience into a memorable one. They offer VPS, reseller and email services that will leave your competitors in the dust. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned professional or a complete novice, HostGator and DreamHost can help you transform your website into a work of art. Their services will increase your visitor traffic and your appeal online. If you desire to take your website and/or business to new levels of success, then either of these companies can provide you with the highest quality services available online today. Both are very dependable and have huge customer satisfaction under their belts. Go online today and take some time exploring and comparing both of these amazing companies. Either way you go, you will be getting the latest and most advanced tools imaginable. They are committed host servers that desire to assist you in being successful with your website.

Check these companies out online today and you will see why these 2 web servers are some of the very best in the business. It all truly depends on what you are looking for out of a server. Take some time investigating, and then make an informed choice on which one is best for you and your website’s success.

HostGator Reviews: Nothing but Good Things to Say

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HostGator is one of the most respected and top web hosting sites around today. When you choose to utilize the services of HostGator, you can have some of the best web hosting tools right at your very fingertips.

HostGator reviews are nothing short of glowing. This company has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years, and their customer satisfaction rate is 90% percent or more. They have over 750 employees who are absolutely dedicated to providing you with the utmost service available.  Whatever type of hosting you are in the market for HostGator can provide you with cutting edge service and software that you can’t find from any other company of its genre.

Customers everywhere rave about the supreme quality of products and services that they have received from HostGator. They are committed to providing their consumers with innovative and technologically sound products at a very affordable price. Businesses from small and up and coming to large corporations utilize the amazing and award winning services of HostGator.

Whatever type of tools you are in the market for, HostGator also provides up to 99% percent upkeep for their valued customers. They provide these amazing services to over 200 countries as well. No matter if you are in the need of VPS, reseller or shared plans HostGator has something for you and your company’s needs. You spend a little time formulating your base platform, and HostGator does the rest of the work for you. It can’t get any easier than that.

HostGator assists its customers in soaring past their competition at unbelievable internet speeds. We designers and web masters alike use HostGator as their primary source for web designing tools. If you are a novice HostGator can help you as well get your site off the ground and up and running. HostGator is on the list of the top growing small businesses today and it is easy to see why. HostGator takes a bite out of its competition.

If you are in the need of email or webserver tools, you can receive the very best with this amazing company. HostGator is the best in their line of work and they are confident that you will be more than satisfied with the quality of service you receive from them. They can transform your internet world into one of grand proportions. When you use HostGator, you can rest assured that you are getting the most technologically advanced options around. They are powered by Linux and can have you soaring through the web like a professional athlete.

Try out the top of the line services that HostGator provides today. Take a little bit of time to peruse the internet and find out about this outstanding company. They truly are everything that they claim to be. You can instantly install over 75 scripts and are offered a wide array of templates. HostGator can assist you in transforming your website into one that will definitely stand out amongst the crowd. Check out HostGator today. You will certainly be glad that you did.